The Six Best Heartbreaking Lyrics on Girls' Broken Dreams Club EP


Broken Dreams Club is the typically anguished title of the latest record (out today!) from San Francisco's Girls -- a six-song, 35-minute EP that polishes the edges and trims the hedges from the achy vintage rock of the group's lauded 2009 debut. On the new songs -- which are actually older Girls tunes and live staples that were only recently recorded -- frontman Christopher Owens gets even better at putting feeling (almost always sadness) into words. We're struck by the effective simplicity of his lyrics -- the emotional penetration he packs into a few basic lines. (Something that Owens has told us is a major goal of his.) Here, then, are what  stand as the six best heartbreaking lines of this new Girls record:

6. "You're the love of my life/ But you're driving me completely insane" -- from "Alright." You only know it's the love of your life when they're capable of driving you completely insane. And that doesn't make it any easier.

5. "All the times that I've tried to go out to see if you might be there/ I will never get over you, no, still got a lock of your hair" -- from "Heartbreaker." Rarely does lovesick imagery get better (worse?) than a forlorn lover running out with tatters of hope to look for the departed other half -- or crying over a lock of hair, which cold-cocks the listener here with old-school regret.

4. "He'll never know about the times that you cried in the movies/ Never know about the times that you cried to the music/ About your mother or your father or the way you got your broken heart" -- from "The Oh So Protective One." The song's gorgeous trumpet lines convey a cheerful empathy here, but there's no mistaking the loneliness of the subject of this song, a girl, looking to get with the one she loves, who doesn't know how to say how much there is to be said.

3. "There's a voice in the back of my head that says you're always gonna be alone/ Go turn the TV on and turn off the telephone" -- from Heartbreaker." Dying solo to "The Price Is Right" is maybe the most depressing thing we can imagine. But on the bright side, we promise this song is still deliriously pretty after 137 listens.

2. "I know you feel like I do too/ And even though I'm close to you/ I can't be what you need/ Because you're just as lost as me"
-- from "Broken Dreams Club." In which existential crisis precludes the possibility of love. And unlike love, there's no making up with the existential crisis.
1. "Who wants something real/ When you could have nothing" -- from "Substance." The extent to which drug abuse can fuck with one's emotions is sometimes sadder than the emotions themselves. The gulf of down-sliding reverb guitar right after Owens delivers this line could hold, like, 87 percent of all the despair in the world.

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