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Abby Camaya
Dulcet-toned/floppy-haired locals The Parties released their second full-length album, Coast Garde, yesterday on Rainbow Quartz records, and they'll be celebrating the occasion this Friday at the Hemlock Tavern, along with The Love Dimension and Trevor Childs & The Beholders.

The album is a consistently agreeable mix of post-garage jangle and spacey phantasmagoria, channeling the mods and the troubadours in equal measure -- plus there's an honest-to-goodness song suite in "Feet Back on the Ground/I'm Sorry/Going Away Girl." But we wanted to know what makes The Parties tick, so we subjected them to a little bit of introspective word-association work. Gaze upon their collective psyche after the jump.

Block parties: Loads of fun until you have to pull your drunk neighbor from the bouncy house and get out the hose.

Dance parties: Best when not planned. If your party reaches critical mass, roll up that carpet and crank the tunes!

Birthday parties: In order of most fun to least fun:
1. Friend's birthday party
2. Your birthday party
3. Grandma's 80th birthday party
4. Friend's girlfriend's 27th birthday party

The Birthday Party: Nick Cave was way better when he wasn't trying to be a gothy Tom Waits.

The Communist party: They had one of the best ever logos. (Almost got beat up trying to explain this to a drunk Republican.)

"Fight for Your Right to Party": Why doesn't anyone write about your mom throwing away your porno mags anymore?

Party favors: The kid kind or the adult kind?

Party fouls: Though they may temporarily derail the fun, they make your party instantly memorable.

Bachelor parties: Venues, from worst to best:
4. Northhampton, MA
3. Foxwoods Casino, Ledyard, CT
2. Las Vegas, NV
1. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Tea parties: I prefer the kind with cucumber sandwiches and scones.

The Green Party: I voted Green in 2000. Ahh, it's comforting to remember life before the dark times.

Frat parties: If Paul Revere & the Raiders are playing, I'll be there.

Party lines: Best when blurred or broken.

Third-party reproduction: Free consultation at

Get festive to The Parties' headily anachronistic pop stylings this Friday at the Hemlock Tavern. In the meantime, download the first single from Coast Garde, "Let's Call It Love."

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