Metallica Might Possibly Begin Work on New Album Next Year, Maybe

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"This is boring, let's write some songs!"
After nearly two years of touring in support of the 2008 album Death Magnetic -- the return-to-form-of-sorts that followed the musical and image disaster of 2003's St. Anger -- the Bay Area's own Metallica is discussing plans to record its next album.

Of course, it's also discussing plans to bring the Big Four tour (with Slayer, Megadeth, and Testament) to the U.S.; and it's also discussing plans to create a supermegatour that would rival Roger Waters' The Wall. Metallica -- or rather drummer Lars Ulrich -- discusses things a lot, you see.

Ulrich told Pulse of Radio that the four dudes are starting to miss creating new music, instead of just playing it all the time:

There's a bunch of balls in the air for 2011, but I think the main one is we really want to get back to writing again. We haven't really written since, what, '06, '07, and we want to get back to kind of just being creative again. Right now we are going to just chill out and then probably start up again in, I'd say, March or April, and start probably putting the creative cap back on and start writing some songs.

We really want to make a "there's a bunch of balls in the air" joke, but instead --- Yaaaay (!), a new Metallica album, kinda sorta maybe. Whether said album will actually be made -- much less whether it will be worth celebrating -- remains to be seen, of course, but at least there's a chance.

Even if it does get made, going by the pace of Metallica releases over the last decade, the earliest we could reasonably expect to hear it is 2013. The group hasn't had fewer than five years between releases since Load and Reload dropped in '96 and '97, respectively. (And even those were five and six years after the Black Album.) While we could hold out hope that Ulrich, Hetfield, Hammett and Trujillo will quicken the pace this time, we're already doing a lot of hoping here.

[via Blabbermouth]

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