Listen To This While High: 'Magnetic Depths/Rites of Fusion,' by Stellar OM Source


Listen to this while high: "Magnetic Depths/Rites of Fusion" by Stellar OM Source

Recommended strain: Master Kush, thought by many to be the Strontium-90 of indicas.

Behind the buzz: Stellar OM Source is one Christelle Gualdi, one-woman synth-bomb from The Hague whose presence brings up questions of male-domination in European electronic music she justly dismisses in interviews as irrelevant. She blames the media for this whole question and, after 3:34 of this, so will you.

Amuse-bouche: "Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares," a 1974 Tangerine Dream track that will suitably center the earbone chakra.

The point you know you're high: You close your eyes to see green heat shimmers on a burnt-orange vista only to realize they're still open.

Psychoactive verdict: MK is one of those strains that hits like the proverbial ton of psychonautic shit -- a sudden and disorienting high treacherous even to weedhead cognoscenti -- and by the time the last of Edgar Frose's mellotron notes cease skittering inside your head, the ears are well primed for S OM S. The rising buzz is sustained through both jaggedly cut sections, and Gualdi expertly cranks the whole thing aloft like some antique auto-gyro propellering across a brief span of deep innerspace until fadeout. On second play, you feel like you're being irresistibly pulled into the opening credits of a worn print of some Eastmancolor-saturated early-1980s science-fiction movie; a pleasantly gooey sensation that spigots off at the fadeout like a commercial break on late-night TV.

The point you wish you were higher: You won't, perhaps instinctively knowing you'd spoil the mood.

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