Lazer Sword's 'Beast's Reprise' Video: Face Blowin' Up on the Bay?

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Where is this?
Bryant Rutledge and Antaeus Roy, the button-mashers behind Lazer Sword, don't live in S.F. anymore, but we still consider this a hometown act. Maybe that's separation anxiety or misplaced affection, or maybe it's justified. Making us think the latter is this, the latest video for "Beats's Reprise," the boiling-crystal epilogue to the duo's upcoming debut album. See what we mean after the jump.

Okay, watch this. If you're not distracted by the slow-mo bulging face (yes, it does that the whole time!), take a look behind Poor Dude and tell us what you see. Now, that's gotta be San Francisco Bay! Note the hills of Oakland, with some fuzzy downtown buildings down below. And as for the pier-top building just behind the Dude, it sure looks to us like the Hi-Dive, or some other old building on the Embarcadero, just south of the Bay Bridge.

Are we crazy? Why would two dudes who now live in Berlin and L.A. film a video in S.F. -- other than because they still dig the place?

A more pressing question: Why, of all the tracks on the upcoming debut, did Lando and Low Limit pick this nearly beat-less one to make a video for? 

So many questions.

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