Please Don't Hurt 'Em: Hammer Beefs With Jay-Z

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Now that we've made short work of Texas, it's apparently time to revive that age-old rap rivalry between the East and the West. So who's bringing the vitriol for the Left Coast? The Game? Ice Cube? Lil B? 2Pac's stepbrother Mopreme? Nope! It's Oakland rapper, dancer, entrepreneur, reality TV star, and ordained minister MC Hammer. The target? Brooklyn rapper, entrepreneur, yachtsman and Grizzly Bear aficionado Jay-Z. 


It started in September, when Jay-Z bragged in his verse on Kanye West's "So Appalled" (2:25) that Hammer's legendary money woes would never befall him:

Show me where the boats is, Ferrari Testarossas
And Hammer went broke so you know I'm more focused
I lost 30 mil, so I spent another 30
'Cause unlike Hammer 30 mil can't hurt me

Not one to take the jab in stride, Hammer spent the next month crafting an intricately WTF dis track called "Better Run Run," in which he intimates that Hova's had a little bit of accounting help from... well, Satan. Watch the video, which dropped on Monday:

As you can see, the video has just about everything it needs to start some static: freemason allegations (not the first time Jay's illuminati affiliation has been theorized), a dig at Beyonce's romantic motivations (not the first time that's happened either), and a Jay-Z stand-in who barely resembles Jay-Z except for the Yankee logo (the A's caps on the exorcist breakdancers are a nice touch). 

So is it working? In a conversation with DJ Semtex that aired this morning, Jay seems to be taking the high road ("I didn't know that was on the table for discussion"), also pointing out that he said "some really great things" about Hammer in Decoded, his brand new compendium of explained lyrics. Then he concludes with the mature person's fuck it: "It is what it is."

What's next? Is this the last we'll hear of it? Will Hammer fire back? We'll keep you posted.

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