Green Day's Secret for Awesome Live Shows: Booze, Booze, Booze

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"I am so wasted right now!"
Oakland punkers Green Day put on one hell of a live show. At the homecoming of their U.S. tour at Shoreline in September, Billy Joe Armstrong and Co. dragged a bunch of fans onstage -- including one girl who required a lot of effort to get up there -- nearly made out with an older fan, fired various projectiles at the crowd, and blasted out their pop-punk burners like drunken madmen.

So how does Green Day manage to be so wild and captivating for three damn hours on such a huge stage?

Billie Joe has given away the members' method: Becoming drunken madmen.

In an interview with Q Magazine, Armstrong said that the band's live shows are greatly aided by alcohol:

Around Insomniac we became a sh**ter live band. We began playing arenas; we didn't really know how to play them that well and at the same time we started becoming a lot more introverted. Then we started drinking a lot more. Being drunk on stage, your inhibitions are gone. Most of the stuff we've come up with, like bringing someone up to sing with us or running around in drag, that's all from being liquored-up.

So are you taking notes, would-be bandleaders? (But please, leave the three-hour shows for venues, like Shoreline, that have seats. And hire pros for the fireworks.)

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