Exclusive Premiere: Maus Haus and Exray's Peeps Collaborate as Videos

Jason Kick
​So what do Jason Kick and Jon Bernson do when they're not playing in local synth-mischiefs Maus Haus and The Social Network-soundtrackers Exray's, respectively? Among other things, they have project called Videos, whose debut MP3 we are pleased to present to you. Rumor has it that Kick may join Exray's at this Saturday's Terrorbird Holiday Party to perform some Videos music. Hear what that might sound like right over here.

This song is called "Bus Drivers Always Know," and it's a steeping, blooping, somewhat noisy plod about realizing the wisdom of those who handle the steering wheels while riding atop a bus. Because they know which turns to make. Or something like that. As those who know Maus Haus and Exray's might expect, it sounds sort of like industrial dub. Download it below and tell us what it sounds like to you in the comments.

MP3: Videos -- "Bus Drivers Always Know"

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