Dad Makes Son Awesomely Realistic Deadmau5 Costume; Deadmau5 So Impressed He Calls Them

You know you're a cool dad when you take your three-year-old son to see Deadmau5 at Treasure Island Music Festival. You know you're an even cooler dad when you make an incredibly realistic (and labor-intensive) Deadmau5 costume, after your son decides he wants to be Deadmau5 for Halloween. But the ultimate cool-dad moment? When Deadmau5 posts a video of your project to his Facebook page and calls to congratulate you on it. 

Yes, this this really happened. Video after the jump.

The dad was San Francisco's Michael Cobra, who also made this video documenting the entire project:

"Deadmaus even gave me a call this morning, great guy," Cobra wrote in the Vimeo comments section of the video.

As for Deadmau5, his Facebook post pretty much says it all: "If you looked up amazeballs in the dictionary, you would find this."

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