Yours Truly Makes a Kelley Stoltz Video That Makes Us (And Will Make You) Happy

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Stoltz recording in his studio, from the new Yours Truly video
Have no choice but to share this cozy little clip of local dude Kelley Stoltz doing his music/kumquat thing, because 1) you will get to hear some of the songs coming out on Stoltz's excessively pleasant new album, To Dreamers (drops on Sub Pop October 12); 2) It's funny in the he's-a-real-laid-back-guy kinda way; and 3) we enjoy the part where he drives around S.F. in a Honda and sings for the nice ladies who sell him recording tape. (Which is maybe just an extension of the second reason.)

Oh! -- and 4) because it was made by S.F. production team Yours Truly, whose mini-docs and choice of musical subjects make us proud to call this city home.

We could go into a bunch of other reasons, but instead we'll let Kelley do the talking/singing. This is about seven minutes long and worth every minute.

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