Top 8 Songs To Listen To During the Next Earthquake

Like us, there's a good chance that when the emergency sirens went off last Thursday as part of The Great California Shake-Out, you wondered if some sort of Red Dawn-style invasion was at hand, since it was clear that an earthquake was definitely not occurring. Seriously -- having a gigantic alarm going off in the middle of an earthquake that we'll all clearly be aware of will probably just be irritating as all hell. So with that in mind -- and in full knowledge that San Franciscans will take literally any opportunity to hit the streets and party -- here are eight songs to soundtrack your next earthquake, along with some dance moves to distract you from all that nasty shaking.

8. "All Shook Up," as performed by John Travolta in Look Who's Talking Too This Elvis classic is bound to hit a stereo in your vicinity once the shaking has stopped and everyone's gotten some shock-numbing drinks in them. But rather than adopting the traditional Presley moves at your post-quake party, we'd like to suggest forming a ridiculous conga line -- just as Travolta does in this clip -- and dancing, dancing, dancing like there's no tomorrow. (Just hope Gilbert Gottfried doesn't show up and ruin your good time.)

7. "I Feel The Earth Move," Carole King
For the hippies in the Haight, we'd like to offer up something a little more groovy. Carole King's appearance here should also act as some comfort to the curly-haired amongst us, who may be forced to embrace bizarre triangular afros, in the event that access to hair products gets cut off and appropriate blow-drying techniques become impossible. Just go with it, people.

6. "Earthquake," Little Boots
Dear Castro, we know you love a bit of electro-dance-pop, even in the midst of a raging disaster. And this Little Boots ditty would be both a joyous tune to bounce your way out of a quake to, and a wonderful way to shrug off the chaos at hand. Hear that? Every clap of thunder only makes her stronger! If she can do it, you can do it too! We'll get through this, folks.

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