The Week In Event Names: The Good, The Bad, The WTF

South Carolina death metallurgists Lecherous Nocturne play Wednesday at the DNA Lounge

This post-Fleet Week week should be a good one for concerts around here. Below, for your consideration, are some upcoming shows whose names (or participants' names) tickle the imagination, the gag reflex, or the grossly overstimulated sense of perplexity.

The good

1. Shadow Shadow Shade, Wednesday @ Red Devil Lounge
Promising band, pleasing name: nice rhythm, intriguing semantic nicety.

2. Mastodon, tonight at the San Jose State Event Center Arena
Points for being so evocative of the lumbering, elephantine quality of the band's metal jams. (Also shines in comparison to the dullness of "Event Center Arena.")

3. Johnny Nitro & the Doorslammers, Friday @ The Saloon
Something about this name just says rock in the most authentic way.

4. "Music For Your Teeth," tonight @ Revolution Cafe
I don't know. But I want to.

5. Umlaut, tonight @ Kimo's
Without a doubt the most metal of all diacriticals. Get out of here with that cedilla bullshit.

The bad

1. "Acoustigasm! V," Wednesday @ Madrone
Unsavory image, particularly for "a quarterly rock 'n' roll fundraising event benefitting international humanitarian dental missions." You win again, Madrone.

2. "Haute Frigay," Friday @ Q Bar

3. Valient Thorr, tonight @ Bottom of the Hill

4. Wonway Posibul, Friday @ Som
A member of the Ill Literacy collective, fittingly enough.

5. Lecherous Nocturne, Wednesday @ DNA Lounge
This takes the pathetic fallacy to new levels. Pretty good death metal band, though.


1. Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons, Friday through Sunday @ Oakland Metro Operahouse

2. Orchestra of Antlers, Thursday @ Red Devil Lounge
Perhaps an outtake from An Exaltation of Larks by (yes, that) James Lipton?

3. One in the Chamber, Tuesday @ The Knockout
I want very badly for this to be chamber music covers of gangsta-rap standards. Alas.

4. Abigail Williams, Wednesday at DNA Lounge
What is Abigail Williams doing on a bill with Immolation, Vader, Pathology, and the aforementioned Lecherous Nocturne? Slaying, probably.

5. "Positively Touching: The Sixth Annual Cabaret Evening to Benefit Positive Being," Tuesday @ The Rrazz Room

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