Rock or Treat! HIJK & Four More Bands Disguise Themselves at Secret Satan

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Being a rock star is sort of like wearing a costume all the time, but who's really honest enough to be upfront about it? We'll tell you who: the five local bands participating in the Secret Satan show this Saturday at the Hemlock, that's who. In seasonal fashion, each of them will play a set in the collective character of another band -- but which other band? Well, you'll have to show up to find out. We have it on good authority that it'll be worth it. Below, HIJK frontman Dave Tsui tells us as much as he can without letting the spooky dead cat out of the bag.

Who's putting on this show and how did you get involved?
Our friends from Love Is Chemicals invited us to play the show. We toured with LIC a few years back in the northwest and have been playing shows together ever since. Their guitarist, Nick, writes that the show "has been one of those ideas that's been knocking around in the back of my head for years now and I'm really excited to make it a reality." We couldn't pass up the opportunity to play a cover show. Plus, five bands playing diverse cover sets on Halloween... that's ridiculous good-time rock 'n roll. 

Can you give us some hints about who you're playing?
Here's a lyric: "Hello, speak up, is there somebody there?" I get to wear a wig for the show... and there should be some flannel action as well. Our band's most popular album was released in 1992. All the bands on Saturday are dressing in costume. Hotness. 


Where is this band from? 
Minneapolis. Our drummer, Trevor, hails from the Twin Cities region as well. He was a huge fan of the band we're playing back in the day. We'll be showcasing two older songs handpicked by Trevor for this special show -- turns out these older songs are the most fun to play! We even added our friend Chris to our lineup for the show. He'll round out our quartet with guitar and backing vocals... true to form, since the band we're covering is a four-piece.

What's the spookiest concert you've ever been to?
We played a show many years back in the basement of Fort Oregon (the now defunct underground Berkeley venue started by Karl, our bass player) on Halloween. We dressed up as the Cobra Kai gang from The Karate Kid... full skeleton outfits with crazy spooky face paint. I saw photos after the show and we looked freaky! Everyone dressed up that night... you couldn't tell who was in a band and who was just hanging out. The keg of beer also helped the spooky factor.
What band do you think would do the best job of playing HIJK for Halloween?

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