Oh No: Justin Bieber Comic Book Hits Stores Today

You read that right, folks: The Biebster is now a comic book hero. A 32-page illustrated screed glamorizing his ridiculously short life is available for the price of a fancy taco starting today.

All expectations are that it will sell out.

So is this a sign of the apocalypse, or just another notch on the bedpost of mindfuck reality? 

We consider our options after the jump.

"Fame: Justin Bieber" traces the hair-flip-king's life from his minor beginnings in public housing, to his days as a YouTube sensation, to his current status as playboy-rapper-in-training. (Or maybe he's not in training?)

It's all part of the "Fame" series of comic books -- the same folks we can blame for recent biographical comics on such real-life superheroes as David Beckham and Taylor Lautner. 

Bieber's, we're guessing, might be a bit more popular. Should you want to find a copy near you (we won't tell anyone), you may search for one here.

As for the apocalypse vs. hum-drum take on this, we're voting for apocalypse. Any kid who can launch himself to megastardom via the Internet, prove a capable rapper, and get a comic book made about him at age 16 is most likely an alien spy plotting our destruction. Or the next Jesus. 

Either way, the end is nigh.

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