No Sign, But Good Times, at the Divey Geary Club

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What's the Geary Club, you say?

I wouldn't blame you for missing it, because the place has absolutely no signage. It's just another door on a long block of apartments and rinky-dink businesses.

If you walk west up Geary to the Club, you will pass my favorite lil rinky-dink business a few doors down, a tailor's shop that seems to stay open late. It's a small, sunken space with a big window in front. The two men inside, hunched over their work, have a certain Bob Cratchitness I find very endearing. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the store was heated by a coal stove. From there, it's just a few short steps to the Geary Club.

I have mentioned before that fear plays a big factor in whether a place is a dive. You should feel incredibly trepidacious to enter. The fact that this place has no sign only adds to the disquiet, because you can't help but wonder whether it is some sort of broken-down members-only club you will be immediately thrown out of...

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