New My First Earthquake Gets Wet and Flirty for Fleet Week

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Guess these sailor boys got a bit too fresh with the onshore attractions
"You came off the ship looking way too hip/ in your tight white pants and your navy blue bib," gushes My First Earthquake's Rebecca Bortman at the opening of salty love ballad "Sleep in the Sea," whose new video makes flirty wink at Fleet Week.

But this, folks, is the mischievous, lustful-mermaid side of Fleet Week, not the jet-fueled Top Gun terror you've been Tweeting about all weekend. The video, really a clip compendium of all things nautical, also includes WTF-worthy footage of a family eating dinner underwater. Why would graphic designer/MFE merch girl Tammy Chang put that in the video for  this goofy slow dance swim valentine? Our guess: because it looks ridiculous.

This ode to Navy muscle-flexing is part of a weeklong project in which My First Earthquake is releasing a new fan-made video every day. "Sleep in the Sea: A Ballad for the Jilted Mermaid" is No. 4; find links to the others on the band's Twitter. (More MFE is readily available for little or no money down on the band's website. You can even contribute via Kickstart to help the members record a new album.)

But first, get ready for Navy boys, females with fins, and some soggy-ass fried chicken:

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