Meet Local Guitar God Joe Satriani in S.F. This Sunday

Satriani: Not the first to shave his head after balding set in.

Nowadays, with Guitar Hero turning everyday basement dwellers into rock gods, and electronica granting everyone with a laptop the ability to make impossible masterpieces, a skilled technician like Joe Satriani must feel left behind.

How could one of the Bay Area's most influential guitar heroes and teachers -- mentor of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet and famous wanker Steve Vai -- adapt to a listening public that probably couldn't care less about actual musicianship?

But the bald man in the sunglasses isn't letting his 40 years at the fretboard go to waste, embarking on a world tour this fall and continuing to expand his body of work with new music, such as Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards, his latest World of Warcraft expansion pack solo album. Satch will also be making a free appearance at Borders on Union Square this Sunday, October 10, at 5:30 p.m. Here's your chance to get anything you want (well, probably) signed by a man who goes through Grammy award nominations like most people go through toothbrushes.

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