LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy Has Literally Never Heard of Train

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Think he's heard of Lil Wayne?
Well here's a gem from this week's Pop Quiz interview in the SF Chronicle: When Chronicle music critic Aidin Vaziri makes a witty aside in an interview with James Murphy (who is performing at Treasure Island this weekend, as you may have heard), it comes out that the LCD Soundsystem figurehead has truly never heard of Train

You know, Train, the San Francisco band whose single "Drops of Jupiter" was seriously inescapable back in like 2001 and still appears on radio playlists and iPods and other places with alarming frequency.

Train! You really have to read this:
The guy from Train
Here's the full exchange, excerpted from the interview.

Q: You seem so aware of your band's place in the scheme of music history. Does that put you at a disadvantage compared to, like, the guy from Train?

A: Is Train a band?

Q: You've never heard of Train?

A: I've literally never heard of them. Are they a big band?

Q: They're kind of big. They sing a lot of songs about lattes.

A: I don't have a radio. I have no idea. Maybe the process is complicated for me by not being OK with generic s-.

This from the man who, at least going by the lyrics to "Losing My Edge," has heard of everyone. I guess this means James Murphy has only heard of bands/people who are good.

Now, go read the full interview, because it seems the now 40-year-old James Murphy is serious about breaking up LCD Soundsystem at the end of his year. That would suck way more than Train does.

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