Kitties Do Bullitt's Famous S.F. Car Chase in New Holy Fuck Video

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The 1968 Steve McQueen film Bullitt set the gold standard for car chases on film -- and the fact that its extended Ford Mustang-vs.-Dodge Charger battle took place on San Francisco's insane hills certainly had something to do with its greatness.

Yet recently, the boys from Toronto's Holy Fuck (you may have seen them this past weekend at Treasure Island) may have improved upon this iconic car chase. (It's even more famous than this one, which was also made for an excellent music video).

Holy Fuck's innovation? Cats!

That's right. In the video for "Red Lights," McQueen is played by a lovely tabby. The villainous Charger driver is played by (what else?) a hapless mutt. And because driving kitties aren't the only kind of cute kitties, there are additional scenes of wide-eyed tabbys playing (or looking cute while pretending to play) instruments.

We should mention that the song itself is no sloucher either. Witness:

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