Dubstep Documentary Claims to Predict Genre's Future

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You can bet that these days, any genre of music with a decent lifespan will one day get its documentary. Like what Better Living Through Circuitry was for electronic/dance music or what Scratch was for hip-hop/turntablism, a forthcoming U.K. film entitled Bassweight will share the story of dubstep this November. And according to this article on Urb, the movie also attempts to predict where the 10-year-old (or so) sound is headed.

Bassweight's goal seems strange because of the gradual decline of interest in straightforward dubstep in the music press, as well as the splintered-off sounds that have recently come from it. The soulfully natured "post-dubstep" and equally forward-thinking "bass music" styles long since evolved from the genre, along with the more bombastic, rave-appropriate strains of dubstep often referred to as "clubstep" or "brostep." So what real insight is left to be given on the subject of dubstep's future? That remains to be seen, but Bassweight has the right people on the case. Many of dubstep's biggest artists and icons -- including ex-BBC Radio1 host Mary Anne Hobbs, Hyperdub label head Kode9, and one of the genre's most well-known names, Skream -- are included in the project.

But while it may be enjoyable to watch a documentary about dubstep, the genre's future seems clear. As the author of the Urb article, Joshua Glazer, puts it, "the music will continue to thrive amongst purist communities and, surprisingly, in frat houses across the country... After a fallow period, a revival will occure somewhere around 2016 before the music finally normalizes into just another category in your iTunes playlist." But that's not all before these t-shirts are made. We'll have to wait to see what Bassweight says differently. Until then, you can watch trailer above.

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