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He remembers, you were wild
Holy shit whiz bang explosion disbelief. Not one but two of San Francisco's best garage/folk/psych (hell, let's just call them ROCK) outfits drop new records today: pop professor Kelley Stoltz and freak-rockers The Fresh & Onlys. We have free downloadable songs from Stoltz's To Dreamers and the Fresh & Onlys' Play it Strange for your aural pleasure -- all just a click away.

Okay, maybe two or three clicks. Let's begin with Stoltz's dreamy California jingle "I Remember You Were Wild," a prime cut from today's new album, and the snappy "I Don't Get That." Brief aside: I like how both of these song titles begin with "I." (Also, Pitchfork reviewed Stoltz's To Dreamers today.)

MP3: Kelley Stoltz -- "I Remember You Were Wild"

MP3: Kelley Stoltz -- "I Don't Get That"

Now on the louder, rockin'-er side of things, we have the Fresh & Onlys. I slobbered effusive praise all over this song "Waterfall" a couple of weeks ago, and I'm happy to report that I still feel the same way about it. If you didn't get it then, get it now, and you can slobber, too, when its magic hits.

MP3: The Fresh & Onlys -- "Waterfall"

Lastly, remember that Stoltz and the Fresh & Onlys are doing a joint release show to celebrate both of their new records this Friday at Cafe Du Nord.

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