Download A Free Mix in Honor of Laughing Squid's 15th Anniversary

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Hey! Do you like cat videos and robot in-jokes and urban derring-do and painfully topical mashups and groaningly pop-culture-referential T-shirt designs and straight-up geek bliss? Don't front like you don't! Remember where you live?

Well, Scott Beale was way ahead of you fifteen years ago when he started Laughing Squid, almighty aggregator of the aforementioned, and he's still way ahead of you. (He has since moved from San Francisco to New York, so he's at least three hours ahead of you, but his presence can still be felt on certain Tenderloin corners, thanks to LS's sponsorship of Frank Chu, voted SF Weekly's Best Pathological Citizen of 2007.)

Anyway, now Frisco faithful Mauricio Balvanera has put together "Filed under Music," a catchy and bizarre little 54-minute cheat sheet to some of the more melodious memes of the last few years. Because the geek world needs a Girl Talk, too.

Stream or download it here and buckle up for a frequently distracting ride. The best part, of course, is that it comes with a playlist of hyperlinked annotations, without which you might have lived through your entire mid-twenties without knowing about the Moby remix of the Mr. Plow jingle or the Techno Jeep. How do we ever get any work done anymore?

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