Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasies: Raunchy Album Covers That Didn't Make It

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(Complete scene here.)

All-around entertainer Kanye West announced the other day that his forthcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, would come bundled with five different album covers. The only one we've seen so far is a painting by New York-based art-weirdo George Condo that depicts a naked, armless "phoenix" astride a disturbingly crude intimation of West:

kanye phoenix.jpg

This may or may not be a bit of calculated outrageousness meant to garner attention and piss off Walmart, but it's far from the first time a bizarre or offensive album cover has landed an artist in hot water. Let's take a look at a few such trespasses from history, courtesy of this helpful, citation-needing Wikipedia page.

The Beatles - Yesterday and Today (1966)
Apparently the whole bloody spare baby parts thing didn't play well. Clean-shaven-Brits-in-a-trunk? Safer.


Michael Jackson - Ben (1972)
Theme song from a movie of the same name. IMDB synopsis: "A lonely boy becomes good friends with Ben, a rat. This rat is also the leader of a pack of vicious killer rats, killing lots of people." The approved cover is just young Jackson's face. The cover they ditched also has Jackson's face, but with more murderous rats.

File:Michael Jackson - Ben - Original Rat Cover.jpeg

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