Watch Water Borders' Deeply Disturbing 'Akko' Video

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Earlier today, I described the music made by SF-based producer oOoOO as "creepy." So, with the mark set there, you can file this one under "deeply disturbing." Water Borders is another San Francisco outfit hell-bent on giving you the chills through goth-inspired sounds and an all-around depraved aesthetic. This video for the duo's new single "Akko" -- which is out now on UK label Hungry for Power with some remixes and another track featuring indie vocalist Glasser -- isn't completely terrifying, but it is likely to make you uncomfortable.

First, one half of Water Borders exhales smoke with a menacing snarl as his counterpart walks across the background on loop. Next, the hooded gentlemen traipse about the beach--one fellow moving in slow motion while the other repeats a brief path on loop. Then, there's a big burlap sack -- kind of like the one in Takashi Miike's Audition that scared the living shit out of me -- with something in it. And that something moves! You'll have to watch the "Akko" video yourself to see what happens next:

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