The Top Five Best Animal Band Names, as Submitted by Our Readers

Dabchick: Scandinavian pop or tween metal?
You may remember that way back in the old days of this morning, we offered up a free pair of tickets to the Panda Bear/Nite Jewel show on Monday at the Fox Theater to the reader who came up with the best animal-related band name. Well, the e-mails have arrived, and the verdict is in. Sadly, there can be only one winner. But here are the top five animal band name ideas we received today -- as determined by no one other than us -- along with what kind of music either we or the name's creator think the band would play.

5) Bright Sparrows
-- This screams optimistic hippie-pop. We could totally see them opening for Devendra Banhart or Akron/Family.

4) The Fire Ants
-- Raging psychobilly, perhaps? Or maybe a super-ironic slowcore outfit? This idea was inspired by tragedy. Reports the reader: "This morning at my Oakland apartment, we found some ants in our Marshmallow Mateys. So lame."

3) Wolf Frog Eyes Parade People (Collective) -- Couldn't really see this being a band name, but it's awesome anyway, and it very well could be title of a revolutionary piece of artwork by an indie-clique-mocking modern-day Marcel Duchamp. (Naturally, a modern-day Marcel Duchamp would be so hip and so deep inside the indie clique that he could make all other hipsters explode simply by making ironic fun of them.)

2) Jelly Phish -- It "would be a jam-band Dead Kennedy's cover band," writes one reader. "It must exist somewhere out there." Er, we're not so sure.

1) ... And the winner is: A reader who submitted a bevy of great animal band name ideas and explanations, such as Pangolin (a strange mammal -- "Sounds like an acoustic-guitarish, maybe eclectic blues/bluegrass/roots rock band to me"), Brocken ("A two-year old stag. A versatile name, could be a cheesy '80s hair band"), and Dabchick "(a small bird)," which to us sounds like the name of a Scandinavian pop band, or perhaps a tween metal trio. We'd go see 'em, though.

Thanks everyone for sending us your ideas. Now go start bands with these names and send us your CDs! Seriously, we'll be giving away more tickets to other shows in the future, so retain your weirdo-creative thinking caps and keep on reading.

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