That's My Jam!: The Sight Below's Blurry Soundscapes

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Bob Hansen
Rafael Anton Irisarri
Like Oneohtrix Point Never and many of the artists that recently performed during San Francisco's On Land Festival, Seattle's The Sight Below chooses form over function when composing his dense, panoramic soundscapes. Producer Rafael Anton Irisarri crafts his amorphous songs with little more than heavily effected guitar strums, meandering synth loops, and almost inaudible rhythms that usually consist of a lonely, pulsing kick drum. Much of The Sight Below's sophomore album, It All Falls Apart (out now on Ghostly), follows that same style -- borrowing heavily from the ideas of minimalist and ambient composers like Brian Eno and John Cale, along with a bevy of electronic music's more entrancing genres. You can download two beautiful songs from that record, "Burn Me Out From the Inside" and "Fervent," before The Sight Below makes his way down to our fair city to perform at The Independent with Germany's Pantha du Prince on Saturday, September 18.

And if that's not enough drifting, dreamy music for you, Irisarri has a side project, as well. Using his lengthy given name, the prolific music maker wrote another album of sounds not unlike those coming from The Sight Below for the Room 40 label, called The North Bend. You can preview and purchase that record below.

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