Seven Spoken Word Recordings We'd Like To Hear In Godspeed You! Black Emperor's New Live Set

2010: Where's Google in all this?

We've recently learned, to paroxysms of geekish glee, that Montreal post-rock godfathers Godspeed You! Black Emperor are dusting off their delay pedals and violin bows for one last big score in 2011. After a brisk European tour, kicked off with a handful of All Tomorrow's Parties dates, they alight in San Francisco for a two-night stand at the Great American Music Hall on February 20 and 21. Are you rejoicing yet? You probably should be. Pitchfork beat us to the "lift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven" joke, so... uh, slow riot for new zero san fransisko, suckers!

It's been a long time since Godspeed released any music, during which interval the frayed world has weathered further involutions, so we can't help but wonder what sounds might find their way into any new material the nonet might lay on us. GY!BE were pioneers of a paradoxical kind of political engagement, in that their songs have no lyrics but still make arguments -- and not necessarily very levelheaded ones -- about the state of society. How? By playing their slow-building chamber-rock symphonies over field recordings of random derelicts ranting about parking tickets and beach attendance. The same crafty trick would later be taken in other directions by From Monument To Masses and Explosions in the Sky, among others, but it remains a decidedly Godspeedy gesture.

So, in case anyone up there is paying attention, here are some recent zeitgeist-flavored ravings we think would sound great laid atop some gorgeously melancholy, string-lined build-to-break action.

1. Joe the Plumber thinks social security is a joke

2. G. Gordon Liddy doubts the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate

3. A cab driver recalls a perfect game

4. A phlegmatic hick speaks his mind

5. Glenn Beck goes apeshit on a caller

6. Brian Beach gives his right-wing interlocutors what for

7. Christopher Walken cooks chicken with pears

Well, maybe that last one is a stretch. But we can dream.

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