Rejoice and Recoil: Three Mile Pilot Exists Again -- Stream Its New Album

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Good news for people who love bad mojo: San Diego indie-rock OGs Three Mile Pilot have returned from indefinite hiatus. You may know 3MP as the unassuming gloom-peddlers who released a few albums in the early 90s and then bifurcated following 1997's Another Desert, Another Sea. Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel went on to found The Black Heart Procession (who've just released a mini-album themselves), while Zach Smith and Thomas Zinser joined forces with Rob Crow to form Pinback. It was fun while it lasted, right?

Wrong! Thirteen years later--which is, come to think of it, just as long as it took Om and High on Fire to go back to Sleep -- the boys are back with The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten, out today on Temporary Residence: twelve new songs of vague menace and paranoid funkiness, warnings about unseen forces and conspiratorial plans of escape, all of them jangling with shimmering synths and tuneful wails. A decade ago the best tracks on it might have been called emo ("This cold weather is chilling my bones / This type of living is killing my soul"); today they just jolt along decisively, depressively, secure in their insecurities.

No word on tour dates just yet, but check out this 3MP mp3 (at 3 p.m., if possible) while you wait, and stream the album here. Also check out last year's excellent Underslept, from Smith's solo Systems Officer project, for a more austere index of the sensibilities displayed on Future Forgotten. More importantly, cross your fingers that this kind of non-lame reunion, where the common offspring get together to fix what was never broken, will catch on a little more.

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