Burning Man Hits Craigslist Missed Connections: Party Tales from the Playa [Slightly NSFW]

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Black Rock City from above
Craiglist missed connections, what luscious fruits of information you provide! As a heretofore non-Burner, I could previously only imagine the feats of hedonism that go down inside the "permission engine" of Black Rock City every year. But thanks to Craigslist, I no longer have to. Missed connections tell me all I need to know:

-- The value of creative dress (or creative non-dress):
"You had the words "PET ME" shaved into your chest...... And I did! And I really enjoyed it!"
-- The importance of spontaneity:
I was unlocking my blue fuzzy bicycle after a crazy night of adventures, about to head back to my side of the playa for some pre-dawn fire play, when a stunningly beautiful blond woman appeared and started dancing with me, followed by an equally attractive man. We laughed and hugged and suddenly we were kissing passionately <3 it was absolutely beautiful, and fucking hot as hell. He started finger fucking me as I did the same to her. The bass was dropping, the sun was rising and with you two I was in bliss.
-- Don't forget to make eye contact:
The way you looked into my eyes as we were locked together in my tent as the sun rose was absolutely breathtaking. Let's do it again when you come back to S.F. in Oct. I hope I gave you my correct phone number.

-- And always be ready to meet new friends:
 I was rolling pretty hard at that point and losing track of reality ... Your friend who was a raver mom from Noe Valley declared me to be her platonic husband. She was extremely talkative. I may have witnessed an eye roll or two from you. You were wearing an indian headdress, and had a dance to go with it. I was wearing a tutu and a cowboy hat. Anyway, this is a strictly platonic request, because you seemed cool and I wish we'd talked more. You dance like a badass, [and] I'm always looking for people to go dancing with.
Of course, there are more coherent accounts of what happened at this year's burn.

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