Freed Willy: A Musical Tribute to the Ocean Beach Whale

Categories: R.I.P.

It's been a rough summer for whales in the Bay Area. A humpback died near the Farallon Islands in July, a cargo ship killed a minke whale near the Port of Oakland last week, and yesterday a dead 35-footer washed up on Ocean Beach between Kirkham and Lawton.

Leviathan, we hardly knew ye! Let's observe a moment of silence for our cetacean visitor. Then, after the jump, several moments of thematically appropriate sound.

Lou Reed "The Last Great American Whale"

Surfer Blood "Swim (To Reach the End)"

Or, the Whale "Life and Death at Sea" (live)

Radiohead "High and Dry"

Orbital "Beached"

Preston School of Industry "Whalebones"

Fila Brazilia "Blubber Plinth"

Real Estate "Beach Comber"

Islands "Where There's A Will There's A Whalebone"

Yes "Don't Kill The Whale"

Outkast "Wailin'"

Led Zeppelin "Moby Dick"

Washed Up Out "Smell Feel It All Around"

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