Tuesday's Pick: 'Alcoholocaust: Stump the Wizard'

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The Wizard hates to lose.
On any given Tuesday, Alcoholocaust provides a boozy chance to recharge old memory centers while simultaneously (and paradoxically) killing a few brain cells: cheap Tecate in fist, you can challenge yourself to recall which vintage metal or classic punk track you're hearing above the social din. Get it right and give yourself a satisified pat on the back, Mr. I. M. DeShit! With Stump the Wizard, however, the event's resident DJs have upped the ante. At this name-that-tune variant for underground rock obsessives, the first record-collector geek to guess the song currently spinning wins a free beer. Spot three songs in a row and the DJ promises to "pack up his things, sit at the bar sulking, and buy that person shots until the bar closes." That means you get both cerveza and a sense of smug superiority. It's like every heavy metal nerd's dream come true -- minus the half-naked Viking babe riding a white sabertooth tiger to a sex orgy in Norway, of course.

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