The Week in Event Names: Three Genres We're Inventing Right Now

You like Owl City too? No way!
Is San Francisco's music scene busy and vibrant -- and important -- enough to sustain our crackpot attempts at taxonomic triangulation? Based on this week's concert calendar, there's reason to believe that the following completely made-up subcultures will be the talk of the rest of the country before the month is out. Prove us wrong, art world. Prove us wrong.

1. Typocore
No longer just the province of metal bands and rappers, the apparent typographical error will take the Bay Area by storm this week, starting with Misisipi Mike Wolf's show at Revolution Cafe and gaining a major boost in credibility when Wavves bring their red-underlined disheveled beach jams to the Rickshaw Stop. The scene hits its apex on Thursday, courtesy of Clipd Beaks at Cafe du Nord and Ssleeping desiresS at Eagle Tavern. (Concord, CA's Apothesary was booked at DNA Lounge that night too, but the gig seems to have been canseled.) Check out Azul's LVRSDLX dance night on Saturday to celebrate a successful week of typocore, if you're not already [sic] of it.

2. Birdwave
After Skylark's Monday night dub party, Skylarking, this scene won't take flight right away -- in fact, the beginning of the week is given over primarily to cats and dogs, with the occasional primate thrown in for good measure -- but then, bam: Tiny Owl at the Luggage Store on Thursday, Odd Owl at Hemlock Tavern on Thursday too, and tweemo-glitchsters Owl City supporting John Mayer at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on Friday. Should be a hoot. (See also Dirtybird's residency at Mezzanine on Friday and LA's Slang Chickens at the Hemlock on Saturday.)

3. Rhythm & Snooze
Local and out-of-town patriots alike join forces this week in a misguided revolution against British orthography through extreme pluralization. On the heels of "I'll Be Seeing Youz...: A Bronx Boy's Musical Perspective of World War II," running Tuesday through Sunday at the helpfully named Rrazz Room, Tuesday boasts "Grrlz" at Q Bar; Wednesday has both DJ WaltDigz at Roccapulco, and Diamond Ortiz & the Oldeez at the Boom Boom Room. Thursday: "Booze 'Em Buddiez 9" at the Rock It Room. Friday: hip-hop collective Sisterz of the Underground is feting its ninth anniversary at Club Six. Something tells me this one's definitely gonna last more than a week.

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