Seu Jorge and Almaz' Samba-Pop, the Trainwreck of Lil B, and EL-P's Independent Mind

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Seu Jorge and Almaz in São Paulo
What happens when a bunch of skilled musicians get together in a room and just start playing -- with no regard for whether what comes out will be marketable? Check out the gorgeous new collaboration between Seu Jorge and Almaz for an example. For our print edition this week, Phillip Mlynar spoke to Jorge and found out that the group's album -- which sat on a shelf for two years before being discovered by a label -- was a product of the kind of loving, naïve music-making that is all-too-rare these days.

Berkeley rapper Lil B jokes about being gay, got punched in the face on YouTube, and recently signed a deal with Soulja Boy. But is this clumsily rapping alumni of East Bay outfit the Pack brilliantly chameleonic -- or just searching for a gimmick that will get him exposure? Ben Westoff explores the strangely appealing trainwreck of Lil B.

El-P was known as a figurehead of independent hip-hop. So why did he leave Def Jux and release his latest mixtape on another label? Jonah Flicker corresponded with the allegedly "independent as fuck" rapper/producer and found out what El Producto was thinking -- and what to expect on his next proper album.

Also in print this week: Bouncer chats with boys at the Chieftan, but then decides to bail; Blondie, Social Studies, Crystal Castles and the Hard Tour, and Felix Da Housecat.

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