Photos: Pot-Growing Doll House Discovered in Lower Haight

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Notice the carpet on the lower right. It's a recurring theme in the decor.
I'm pretty sure this is the reason we live in San Francisco: The chance that, on a random Tuesday evening, walking home from the neighborhood market, you might stumble upon a hilarious dollhouse outfitted to look like a weed-growing house proudly on display in the window of a nearby cafe. Said dollhouse will of course include Pee Wee Herman dolls, Star Trek action figures, a magic brownie-baking kitchen, and (so my eyes tell me) real marijuana clippings. Take a tour after the jump.

"Pack me up another one, barkeep!"
​Our first stop is the bar area (second story in the previous photo). You see that canister/glass/container in the above picture? It doesn't come out quite so clear in this image, but those green leaves looked pretty, um, real to me.

Pee Wee is feeling very, very happy
​Let us now inspect the lounge. Here we have Pee Wee looking chipper in his rocking chair, while just behind him -- not quite in the photo -- are our beloved Star Trek action figures. Note the recurring pot leaf decor. And the vom-tastic Pepto Bismol carpet.
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