Will Dressing Like A DJ Get You Into Clubs For Free?

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DIY how-to video website 5min is brand new to me. The concept is fairly simple, but interesting: users submit short instructional videos on any number of topics, ranging from "Parenting" to "Video Games" to "Spiritual." It might seem ridiculous to take advice on these issues from random folks who happen to have a camera and post videos on the internet, but people seem to be taking interest and offering good tips. One specific video from the site caught my eye, How to Get Into Any Club.

In the video, two somewhat-shaggy-haired Aussies introduce themselves as Nikos (sp?) and A.J. before revealing their tactic for getting into any super-packed, line-down-the-block nightclub: dress as a DJ. While the pair's idea of what a DJ would dress like is horrendously cliché, I guess that would be the best way to pass yourself off as a party-starting mixmaster without any other credentials. Using the name Touche Guevera (kudos on the awesome moniker, Nikos), the ballsy fella approaches loads of busy clubs with a record bag slung on his back and intentions of skipping the line without paying a cover charge. It's surprising how well it works, as I would personally never expect to be able to so easily slip past paying clubgoers and bouncers while wearing such a hilariously conspicuous outfit. Then again, I don't live in Sydney, Australia and I don't go to clubs like Slide or Ruby Skye, where that kind of garb is far more commonplace. But if you manage to use these tactics to cut in line at the ATM or skip on public transit fare (as Nikos' attempts), you might consider spending your time doing something a bit loftier than nightclubbing.

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