Holy Crap! Lady Gaga Ate at Rosamunde in the Mission!

Mission Mission gets all the credit for this amazing photo.
Lady Gaga, we get it. Rosamunde rules. We're partial to the O.G. location in Lower Haight, but hey, if you want to roll through the new shmancy location in the Mission, that's cool with us. We'd be hungry too if we put on mind-bending shows like you do.

Nope, we're not kidding. And wow, it says a lot about Lady Gaga (or maybe about Mission-dwelling San Franciscans) that she can chomp sausages in public and not get recognized.

Mission Mission has the full report:

The pop sensation was in a playful mood, possibly due to imbibing several signature beverages along with her bratwurst [ed. we actually don't know what kind of meat she was eating, but we could ask if you care enough]. She was with her "boyfriend" who also kept reminding her that they had dinner reservations at 7pm at some fancy restaurant downtown.

We have no idea why Gaga insisted on a sausage right before dinner, or how no one thought to snap a picture of her during the duration of her stay. For what it's worth, only one member of the staff recognized her at all, with one coworker for instance simply dismissing her as just another "professional."
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