Wow: French People Think Girls' Christopher Owens is Fashionable

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Wow Magazine
Is Christopher Owens really fashionable? Tell us in the comments.
So S.F.'s Christopher Owens (of blew-up-last-year band Girls) is now modeling for French people. Owens was the subject of a recent fashion column in France's Wow magazine in which he's photographed wearing (merely) a red polo, jeans, and white tennis shoes. Really, that qualifies as magazine-worthy fashion in France? (Also: short hair!)

But aside from the image, the piece bears a few other interesting tidbits about Owens, such as: asked to choose a song to describe him, Owens picked "Mr. Blue," by the Fleetwoods. And Owens describes himself as a "writer." Period. Says nothing about music. Um, is it just us, or is everything about France confusing?

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