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The Vaselines
Band reunions yield the weirdest things. It was surprising enough that the Vaselines reunited in 2008 and 2009 for a reunion tour -- nearly 20 years after the Glasgow indie-pop band broke up -- and in September, the Vaselines are releasing a new album, of all things. (On Sub Pop, of course.) The title track from that new record, the appropriately-lewd-for-the-Vaselines "Sex With An X," is available today for free download -- and we highly recommend you snatch this one up. Also out today is a video of Francis and Eugene explaining the inspiration for the song in their adorable Scottish accents. (Hint: the songs is about "temptation," Eugene says. Who'd have guessed?) Check out the video and the song after the jump.

"Sex with an X" is a rollicking, melodic piece of indie-folk that strongly recalls the cute, catchy stuff of the band's initial two-year run. It's another example of the peculiar talent that Glaswegian bands have for understated merseybeat-supported sex-obsessed twee-pop. Vaselines will play the Great American Music Hall on October 20.

MP3: The Vaselines -- "Sex With An X"

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