The Crazies Will Destroy You -- Spiritually, Sexually, and While Singing About Carnitas

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The exemplary Texas post-rock band This Will Destroy You is playing tonight at the Great American Music Hall. Meanwhile, the raucous, carousing and altogether less pigeonholeable San Francisco band The Crazies Will Destroy You is playing tonight at the Red Devil Lounge, headlining a benefit for multiple sclerosis research called Rock for the Cure.

Needless to say, it's a good night to go out and get destroyed.

We caught up with the Crazies -- songwriter and shredder Tony Schoenberg, "nerd-casanova guitar wizard" David Kurtz, bowie knife-wielding drummer Tina Davis, and "intellectual-vagabond sex symbol" Jade Argento -- to whet our appetite for destruction and discover just how we can expect to be destroyed tonight. Find out after the jump.

Is there a story behind the name?
David: Tony took the name "The Crazies" from the '70s schlock thriller of the same name. We added the "Will Destroy You" part because there are a lot of bands with the same name. We went through a lot of silly names. Believe me, this is common.
Jade: We like it because it's both aggressive and playful, which is very fitting for the personality of the band.

In what way(s) should attendees of your show tonight expect to be destroyed?
Tony: Spiritually, sexually, and very quickly.
David: Expect some jumping around on stage. There will be aggro-stanced musicians striking their best clichéd rock and roll poses while singing about Homos (Ergaster, Erectus, and Sapiens), Fixies, and Fakes. It's a very San Francisco band.
Jade: Can we not say that people will be sexually destroyed? That sounds awful.

How will your show be different from tonight's This Will Destroy You show?
David: They won't be playing any of our rad songs. See, the problem with This Will Destroy You is that they don't tell you clearly WHO will destroy you. If you know the name of our band, it's completely apparent that THE CRAZIES will destroy you. Duh. They will probably have better lights. We will have better beer.

What are your day jobs?
David: Tony is a lawyer, Jade is a sales director for a corporate team-building game company, Tina is an intensive care unit nurse, and I work at an online game startup.
Jade: There's not a flunky among us.

Do you think your clients would be alarmed to know that you play in a band called The Crazies Will Destroy You?
Tony: As a trial lawyer, I think it makes me much more attractive to clients.
Tina: It usually serves as a therapeutic distraction.

What are your songs about?
Dave: The human condition.
Tony: Every single aspect of human experience. And carnitas.

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