Videos: We Audition Some of the Thousands Trying Out for American Idol at AT&T Park This Week

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Late Monday night, people with sleeping bags and big dreams began congregating outside of AT&T Park, where American Idol is holding the final tryout for its 10th season. The singing hopefuls of every race, creed, shape, and size, ages 15 to 28, had come from faraway lands to freeze and wait in a vast, foggy parking lot on the edge of San Francisco.

This is apparently the kind of place where people destined for fame must begin.

Curious to sample the talent, SF Weekly ventured down to the gathering and recorded videos of five willing contestants from all over the West Coast. All had been up most of the night, waiting to fill out entry forms and secure their wrist bands (this process will continue around the clock for the next 48 hours).  All would be back on Thursday for their tryouts. See them perform for us after the jump.
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  It was hard not to be impressed with Enoch Davis, an 18-year-old beat boxer. (The sound quality of this video really doesn't do Enoch justice).

Shelby Miguel, 15, came to the parking lot at 1:30 a.m. with her mom, Gwen. When they saw the line wasn't too long, they went home to Colma, slept two more hours, then came back.
Jennifer Dunkin of Campbell, California, said "I don't want to sing in karaoke bars anymore." Then she gave us a taste.

Marquise Franklin, 21, came all the way from Watts, California.
Brittney Sword has been singing "since I popped out." She's from Vegas, baby.
So who do you think should end up on Idol? Tell us who you'd keep and who you'd vote off in the comments.

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