Watch TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek Get Chased By A Dragon

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After releasing a few highly touted albums with his band TV on the Radio, and producing a couple more for the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scarlett Johansen, and Foals, Dave Sitek must find it difficult to distance himself from his particular sonic stylings and usual bag of trademark production tricks. So it seems with "Tiger," the first single from his brand-new solo project, Maximum Balloon. (The name Supreme Balloon was already taken). Sitek hasn't tried at all to reinvent himself here -- and that's fine.

The music of "Tiger" could easily be pegged as a Dear Science outtake, as its funky guitar riffage, buzzing synth work, dollops of brass, and stuttering dance beats bring to mind many of that album's upbeat numbers. But the video for the song is something else entirely. Among an ocean of brightly colored ballons, various people, including Sitek and vocalist Aku (of Dragons of Zynth), are chased by a massive dragon that seems to have broken loose from a Chinese New Year parade. Shots of Sitek looking super cool while sporting both his usual eyewear and some darker shades are interspersed between that footage, along with bits of Aku singing to the camera -- not unlike Tunde Adebimpe would do in a TVOTR video. Truthfully, it's nothing shocking coming from these folks, but maybe some surprises are in store when Sitek's solo album, Maximum Balloon, sees release August 24.

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