That's My Jam!: The Witch House Take on Lindsay Lohan

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'Let Me Shine For You' Cover Art
Somewhere between the bedroom-produced aesthetic of chillwave (I honestly puke a little in my mouth every time I use that word), the goth influences of coldwave/darkwave, and the beats of contemporary hip-hop -- albiet on loads of downers and psychedelics -- exists a burgeoning sound often referred to as "witch house" or "drag house". The combination of influences seems rare and hard to come by, to say the least, but there's a growing group of artists pushing the odd musical style. The brilliant, spun-out trio Salem may be the genre's biggest name as of late (they'll also be the only one of their kind with a full-length album when King Night is released September 28 on IAMSOUND), but artists like Balam Acab, Creep, Babe Rainbow, and oOoOO (pronounced "oh") are slowly rising into the blogosphere's wide-stretching spotlight.

Many of the witch house artists are part of new record label Tri Angle, and are featured on the imprint's weirdly interesting compilation Let Me Shine For You. On this free EP, six different producers and bands have their way with a Lindsay Lohan song of their choice. To say the resulting tracks are strangely beautiful and playfully haunting would be a bit of an understatement, but it is safe to say you're not likely to hear anything like it anywhere else. And keep your eyes peeled for Tri Angle's first official releases, Balam Acab's See Birds EP and oOoOO's self-titled EP, in the coming months.

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