Boy Bands Really Want You... To Give Them Your Money (Shock!)

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Comedian and Internet celebrity Jon Lajoie -- the same classy guy who brought you "Show Me Your Genitals" -- wants all the teenage girls out there to know they've been played. Hard. At least according to his music video, which dares to insinuate that pop stars and boy bands don't really exist to shower us with love and smiles that melt our hearts, but are actually colossal moneymaking machines.

What?!  If there were a semblance of truth in this laughable assertion, it would blow this glowing review of the Backstreet Boys' concert last week into the water. Without a shred of sarcasm, that show was pronounced a major comeback. But here, Lajoie seems to imply that fangirls are just another cog in the Boys' wheel of trickery, as they soldier on in their quest to revive boy band pandemonium. So what makes a successful boy band? Read on for a breakdown...

Lajoie's sham boy band tells us, in song, the formula for a successful group:
- Above all else, at least one good-looking dude with mass sex appeal. (Lajoie was, of course, the obvious choice to fill this role.) Artistry has no place in pop music, and only leads to ugly tiffs with management.
- A guy who very well could be Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean.
- A rap verse that would have no business in the song if not for its ability to rope in "urban" fans.
-The illusion that these guys would actually date nobodies like us.

He could have also mentioned the token lead singer who inevitably departs to pursue solo projects, but he's already said too much. Thousands of young hearts around the world are breaking every second this video stays up.

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