Photo: Ron Jeremy Plays in a Metal Band?

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Now look at this image closely. Does the chap in the black 'beater, third from left, with the tattoos, remind you of anyone? No? Look a little closer. Could it be -- the one ... the only ... Ron Jeremy? 

Actually, no. He's the guitar player for a Ventura, Calif., metal band called The Fucking Wrath. But damn if he doesn't look like Mr. 9.75 inches himself. Throw in a little gray hair, trim the edges off that mustache, and ...

The Actual Ron Jeremy

You sharp-witted readers may recall that once, a very long time ago, Mr. Jeremy did in fact dip his toe in the music industry. To no one's surprise, the former porn star's genre of choice was not heavy metal, however; it was horny-ass hip-hop. Observe:

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