Next in San Francisco: A Country Music Festival?

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With a beard and no Stetson, Zac Brown looks like a country artist that SF could get behind.
It's not going to be gay country, or dyke country, or sex worker country, or street food country, or transexual country, or any other offbeat, San Francisco-styled take on country music.

The West Coast Country Music Festival and Barbecue on July 31 will bring a straight-up, Middle-America-friendly country music show to our radical, Left-Coast burg. And it will be, as far as we can tell, the first of its kind in this city. The festival's headliner, Zac Brown Band, plays songs about driving down lonely highways and savoring cold beers. Frontman Zac Brown sports a warm Southern drawl that sounds superauthentic -- the only thing keeping him from a Walmart tour is his lack of a cowboy hat and his penchant for "rolling fat ones."

So maybe this is a slightly San Francisco-friendly country music Festival. (Zac Brown Band is also opening for Dave Matthews Band this summer.) But there'll be plenty of real country trappings: line dancing, a "country music hall of fame," and a barbecue cook-off.  The thing goes all day at Fort Mason on July 31. It may be your only chance to wear a cowboy hat unironically within the city limits.

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