MySpace's Days as a Vital Music Site May Be Numbered

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To call a MySpace page essential for bands would be an understatement. These clunky, ugly, music-streaming pages are valuable for many up-and-coming artists as well as big names -- partly because they were among the first places where anyone could post and stream songs for free.


But that all could be changing. Not only are many bands fed-up with MySpace -- some bands, like San Francisco's Sic Alps, riskily refuse to have a presence there at all -- but the company itself has lately run into trouble.

Traffic all around on MySpace, as TechCrunch reported today, is way down. The site's search deal with Google is expiring. And back on the music side of things, many artists are defecting to the advantages of Facebook and Twitter. With the rise of Bandcamp and other music sites, the anyone-can-post-an- MP3 feature of MySpace is less of a selling (er, clicking) point. And there's no doubt that the cleanliness and interactivity of other social networks has MySpace beat hands-down.

What do you think? Has the age of MySpace music come and gone? Should blogs like this link to bands' Facebook or Bandcamp pages instead of their MySpace page? Would MySpace stand a better chance of survival if its sites didn't look like construction paper pasted onto a 2005-era version of the web? Let us know in the comments.

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