Mysterious Non-LCD Soundsystem Track Pops up on Pitchfork as Official Remix, Then Disappears

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James Murphy's wondering, "Whaa happened?"
Sometimes the Internet is just a big, bubbling mess of "Um... Okay?". For example: Earlier today, the trendsetting indie music site Pitchfork posted a Soundcloud music player under the headline "LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean (Tiga Remix)," writing:
'Dance Yrself Clean', the opening track from LCD Soundsystem's dazzling BNM'd third effort This Is Happening, starts quiet and erupts into a four-alarm floor-filler. For this remix, Montreal-based producer Tiga skips the quiet stuff and gets down to business -- and business is a bangin' jam.
So, we listen to the tune and accept it for what the reliable, well-respected website has to say. Four hours later, however, the post was updated with a claim that the song is in fact the official remix for the LCD tune "I Can Change," even though its vocal track is obviously a snippet from the aforementioned album opener. We accept this as truth, and move on to the next blurb of verbiage and free music we can find. Or so we thought...

Now, if you go to Pitchfork's post, the text is crossed out, the music player is removed, and an update says, "Looks like this track was not in fact the Tiga remix coming on DFA, so we removed it, sorry." Um... Okay? Where exactly did all of that previous info come from beforehand? Were the fact checkers at DFA and Pitchfork working from home today? Admittedly, the tip-off came from another website called Hypetrak, which was snagged by Prefix, and then posted on Pitchfork, so this was apparently a case of the blind leading the blind. But we're still left wondering what the hell song is this, and who tried to pass it off as an official remix for one indie music's biggest bands? You can check the song out for yourself, below.

The Fake Tiga Remix of LCD Soundsytem's "I Can Change/Dance Yrself Clean"

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