Justin Bieber Doesn't Want to See Your Marriage Proposals

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This photo is NSFT (Not Safe For Tweens). You have been warned.

photo via Seattle Weekly

Our sister site, Seattle Weekly, encountered a travesty last night at a Justin Bieber concert in Washington. Security guards did the unspeakable and trashed what can only be called a tween's utmost expression of adoration (well, besides sexting): Posters. Hours of drawing block letters and dotting 'I's with hearts, propelled by Justin Bieber tunnel vision, destroyed. Gone forever.

Nothing less than disturbed, we called the Oracle Arena in Oakland to see if Bay Area Biebs fans' signage would meet the same fate at the show tomorrow night.

Beliebers, we didn't want to have to tell you this, but the news is bleak. It's a sad and very real possibility that fans whose signs obstruct the crowd's vision will be asked to leave their sparkly marriage proposals by the wayside to join the other posters in a glittery wasteland. Anything profane will also be tossed.

Your best bet is to profess your love the old-fashioned way: Toss your underwear onstage and hope Bieber likes what he sees.

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