In Print: Francis & the Lights' iPad Album, Sammy Hagar is a Joke, All Shook Down Fest

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Francis Farewell Starlite
Does the album matter anymore? Does anyone care? Do you know what a CD is? Okay, kidding on the last point (kinda), but clearly the music industry is looking for some new, marketable format to sell to music lovers. After all, CD sales ain't what they used to be, and it doesn't look like they're coming back. Well, a New York outfit called Francis and the Lights has an interesting idea: the band formatted its newest album, It'll Be Better, for the iPad, with video, art, and music all part of the experience. Our Phillip Mlynar spoke to the band, checked out the iPad experience, and has a few thoughts about whether iPad albums might just be the music industry's next big format. (Francis and the Lights also open for MGMT's sold-out shot tonight at the Fox Theater.)

Elsewhere in our print edition this week, Sam Prestianni rails against the bland 
Sammy Hagar
​version of rock 'n' roll excess practiced by former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, and wonders just what the hell Aerosmith was thinking when its booked Hagar as the opening act on its current tour (Which hits Oakland Friday night). Watch out, Red Rocker.

And yeah, so you may have heard a thing or two about our All Shook Down Music Festival by now. But check out my take on the great bewildering buffet that is the Bay Area music scene, and why our festival this Sunday in North Beach surveys it like no other festival. Hope to see you there -- but until then, happy reading.

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