Bradford Cox Says 'Janelle Monae is the New Bowie'

There's still plenty of juice left in the "Janelle Monae is the new [amazing artist here]" meme -- Lady Gaga comparisons are so earlier-this-week -- and lotsa big names that have yet to weigh in on which of their androgynous musical heroes the Atlanta songstress most closely resembles.  Enter Deerhunter/Atlas Sound wizard Bradford Cox, who posted a salivating endorsement of Monae's Letterman appearance (and the phenom in general) to his blog:

This performance is mindblowing and recalls Young Americans-era Bowie with obvious James Brown hypnotic mindlock reference points. The coda even recalls Stereolab with its warped Brazilian chords. The whole second half is such a rush that the fucking guitar amp falls over (at around 3:15) seemingly a result of radness overdose.

Agreed, although Bowie seems a pretty out-there comparison. (I wouldn't expect anything less from the dude.) Cox also says he's "surprised [Monae] is not Lady Gaga level by now," which is a good point, although I fear that the reason may have something to do with the fact that Monae wears tuxedos (and capes!) onstage instead of, you know, pretty much nothing.

And do allow me to remind you that the Monae will bring all of her Bowie-flavored, James Brown-inspired, Lady Gaga-eclipsing, Brazilian chord-warping awesomeness to the All Shook Down Festival in North Beach next weekend.

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